Chaney's family has been in Lubbock since the early 1920's. Chaney Johnson has 25 years experience in the roofing industry.

I feel compelled to put in a great word for this Co. In hindsight, I feel privileged to have stumbled upon them.

-I got 5 bids, only went with them because they were lowest, knowing I would pay some out of pocket due to oddball insurance policy I discovered I had.
-Immediate, and I mean immediate, response every time. Phone, email, text. From first call, to bid, to picking color, to signing contract, to follow-up.....Didn't matter. Always right there!
-Owner Cheney, Mgr. James, and the 6-man roofing crew, were all highly professional and courteous. Very trustworthy. Felt really comfortable throughout the entire process.
-Roof started right on time, and done less than 8hrs. Later.... The crew really hustles! The trailer did not sit in my driveway night before and was gone same afternoon.
-The roofing crew accidentally removed some rolled roofing on my patio that was only 6 years old, and not part of the deal. James covered it no charge. So got new rolled patio roofing free. No questions asked....
-I had an issue with Ins check expiration date. Cheney comforted me on that delay as well, and finished the job with only 20% payment...
-I'm not easily impressed.....Ha. But these guys went far above and beyond my expectations. Will definitely be my first call going foreword!

Steve Hunter

They did a great job!

Brady S.

If you need a new roof and want peace of mind, Johnson Roofing is hands down the best! Chaney, the owner told us up front, that he would take care of everything, even the insurance, so we would not have to pay anything out of pocket. There were absolutely no surprises. We are 100% satisfied with Chaney Johnson and his crew!

Brandy S.

Johnson Roofing did a great job on my roof. I dealt directly with the owner and he walked me through the entire process. I recommend using this company!

Lauren L.

Very attentive to our needs and readily available as well! If you are needing something done asap I would recommend Johnson Roofing!

Brittany A.

Johnson Roofing is the easiest and most professional roofing company to work with in Lubbock and the surrounding area. Not only is the CEO highly involved, Mr. Johnson spent countless hours on the phone with our insurance company to get us the coverage we needed. I highly recommend using Johnson roofing!

Alyssa Williams

Chaney Johnson is a true professional. True west Texas values. Highly recommended.

Marcelo Schmidt