Wind Damage

Lubbocks Wind Damage Repair Experts

Texas has gotten hit hard with tropical storms the last few years and Lubbock has 30-50mph gusts on a regular basis. While many people worry about the rain, high speed winds are actually the cause of a lot of roof and shingle damage. All it takes is a few gusts of wind at 75-85 mph and shingles can be lifted up.

A good way to prevent wind uplifting shingles, is to inspect your roof. Make sure the insulation and roofing materials are adequately secured to the roof deck, and that the perimeter of the roof is securely fastened. As long as the shingles were properly installed, your roof should be able to withstand normal wind gusts easily.

wind damage

If we can’t repair your roof, we’ll replace it so you don’t have to stress anymore. Call our team today to set up your wind damage roof repair appointment. We provide services in Lubbock, TX.

If you add rain into that situation, water can be blown underneath the shingles or other roofing materials. The inside of the roof will be unprotected, which results to leaking. The easiest way to prevent any roofing damage is to inspect your roof before the wind blows in. It is easy to make sure your shingles are glued down so more extensive damage is not created.

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